Adventure Time Games with Adventure Time Characters

A free fun multiplayer game where you can meet random strangers, chat and make new friends. This game is a tribute to classic video-games with a multiplayer twist. You play as a young warrior driven by the thrill of adventure. No princess to save here, just a dangerous world filled with treasures to discover.

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Adventure Time Games - A Massively Multiplayer Adventure

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What is Adventure Time?

Adventure Time is a multiplayer game inviting you to explore a world of adventure from your Web browser. Adventure quest sign up.

This is powered by HTML5 and WebSockets, which allow for real-time gaming and apps on the Web.listen to adventures in odyssey kids adventure games adventure time games

Adventure Time is available on Firefox, Chrome, Safari as well as iOS devices and Firefox for Android. You might have these questions . pendleton ward adventure time cancelled 2014. what is adventure time based on adventure time how many seasons adventure time create your own

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How to play

  • Left click or tap to move, attack and pick up items.
  • Press ENTER to chat.
  • Your character is automatically saved as you play.

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Adventure Time Games: A Massively Multiplayer Adventure Time

Adventure Time is a game that can be played by hundreds and thousands of players simultaneously, basically an online multiplayer game. Adventure time has a free roam map that players can explore and interact with objects available in the game. Adventure Time is available to play on most of the browsers and platforms. Moreover the game is responsive enough to be played on your handheld devices like iOS, Android devices and tablets too.

Users can create their own characters, simply name your character and venture into the world of Adventure Time. Since this game is an online multiplayer you can ask your friends to get online and join you in this adventure game. You can always play with other players that are playing the game or even invite them to play with you on this free fun multiplayer game. Thousands of users can play this adventure game for free and due to its simple controls anyone can master Adventure Time in no time.

Adventure Time gameplay

After naming your character, Adventure Time displays basic information on the base of the screen. From left to right you will find information like health status, indicated by a red heart icon and then are icons for the current weapon held. Next is the icon for the armor you are wearing in Adventure Time. Then there are bars to display descriptions and messages while interacting in Adventure Time. Another bar on its right to show the number of users playing the game. After that there are buttons for chat, so players can chat among other players playing Adventure Time. Next up is a button with a cup on it for achievements so far in the game. A question mark next to it about the game info and a sound on/off toggle button.

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Character armor options available in the game:

List of weapons available for your character to choose from in Adventure Time:


The sword that your character first spawns with in Adventure Time is the practice sword.

Steel sword

You will find numerous steel swords spread across the map of Adventure Time the game or it can also be found inside chests.


A very good weapon in Adventure Time which can be found by killing enemies. This weapon is dropped by enemies in the game like crabs and goblins after players kill them. It is a cool fun multiplayer games for having adventure time fun online.


Morningstar is a mace that can be found in the desert area of the game, it is usually acquired after defeating ogres and snakes in Adventure Time.

Magic sword (Blue sword)

This sword is available in no-man's land, placed upon an elevated plain in the game full of ogres. It is accessible via a cave on the map of Adventure Time.

Blazing sword (Red sword)

This sword can be obtained by defeating enemies found in the volcanic and desert regions of Adventure Time the game. Defeating enemies like evil eyes and grim reapers. It is also obtainable through chests spread across the map of the game.

Ultimate sword (Golden sword)

The sword can be obtained by defeating the final boss in the game. The final boss of the game is the skeleton king who drops the ultimate sword after being defeated. Additionally the players can also find the Golden armor after defeating the skeleton king.


A number of achievements await the players for them to unlock while advancing in the game. Some of the achievements are fairly straight forward and you have to work on some to get them right.

A True Warrior

Find a new weapon

A new weapon can be found on the map with ease in the game, picking up any steel sword will award you this achievement. Finding and picking up other weapons in Adventure Time will also unlock this achievement.

Into the Wild

Venture outside the village

In order to get this achievement you need to move out of the village that you are spawned in Adventure Time. Head into the forest / desert (North) or shore (South) to unlock this achievement in the game.

Angry Rats

Kill 10 rats

Achievable by killing 10 rats or more, players can find numerous rats throughout the map in the game. The village your character is spawned in Adventure Time has some rats that you can kill to unlock this achievement.

Small Talk

Talk to a non-player character

For this achievement you simply need to talk with any character on the map who is not a user but an in-game character. Non-player characters are those which are present even without any online users in the game. They can be distinguished by hovering your mouse over them to see the arrow change into a question mark along with the arrow on top.

Fat Loot

Get a new armor set

This achievement can be unlocked by opening up treasure chests or by killing enemies found in Adventure Time. Picking up armor will grant you “Fat Loot”


Explore at least one cave

If you see a cave in a wall, you can enter the cave (beware of enemies that might dwell in these caves) to have this achievement under your belt.

At World´s End

Reach the south shore

For this achievement you should keep on heading down South until you hit the shore and can see the sea. Just stroll on the sea shore in the game to claim your achievement.


Successfully escape an enemy

Simply escape an attacking enemy to have the achievement of coward unlocked. You will need to make an enemy pursue you which can be done by walking past enemies or attacking them directly. Escape enemies by entering a cave or a house in Adventure Time.

Tomb Raider

Find the graveyard

The graveyard of skeletons in Adventure Time is located to the North-West of the map. This place in the game has got treasures for you to find.

Skull Collector

Kill 10 skeletons

You can find skeletons North of the village where your character is spawned in the game. Kill 10 skeletons to claim this achievement in Adventure Time.

Ninja Loot

Get hold of an item you didn't fight for.

This achievement is acclaimed by picking up the fallen power up left by a foe defeated by another player other than you. Someone else kills in the game and you enjoy the loot.

No Man's Land

Travel through the desert

Head North from your spawning point in the village and cross the forest with bats to reach the desert and claim your achievement. Just stroll through the desert in Adventure Time.


Kill 50 enemies

This achievement can be unlocked by killing 50 enemies. Best way to do that is to upgrade your weapon to a powerful one such as an Axe or the Blazing Sword to kill enemies quickly. You can also choose weaker enemies to get rid of them quickly and easily to advance in the game.

Still Alive

Revive your character five times

To get this just get your-character-self killed in the game 5 times and get resurrected each time to unlock this achievement. The game Adventure Time saves the progress of your character and upon each revival your weapon and armor choices are also restored along with spawning you nearest to your character’s dying area.


Take 5,000 points of damage

Best approach here is to choose a heavy armor that protects your character from damage. Try choosing weaker enemies in Adventure Time like crabs and rats to fight. Keep on taking the damage until you hit 5,000 points of damage to unlock the “Meatshield” achievement.

Hot Spot

Enter the volcanic mountains

Keep heading North until you reach the volcanic mountainous region, upon entering the volcanic region you will be awarded this achievement. The hot spot in actual is a hint towards the volcanic region in Adventure Time.


Defeat the final boss

You unlock this achievement by defeating the final boss of Adventure Time i.e. a giant skeleton. The king skeleton can be found in the North volcanic region of the map. Equip your character with the best armor and weapon before attacking this enemy. The boss level difficulty is fair and more than one player can defeat the boss easily in Adventure Time. Keep in mind to drink the health and firefox potions to help you in defeating the final boss.


Find the firefox costume

Players can don the “Foxy” costume by drinking the orange potions, though it lasts only for a little while in Adventure Time but its well worth it. Drinking this potions gives your character a quick costume makeover, infinite health and no hit points are taken by your character for the duration of this potion. The infinite health potion is extremely useful while fighting stronger enemies like the final boss in Adventure Time.

For Science

Enter into a portal

Portals can be found on the South-East of the map compounding an area accessible only by passing through the portals. A cake is situated between the two portals for adventurers playing Adventure Time. Players can enter through the blue portal and exit from the orange one after eating the cake of course, who would wanna miss that.


Take some singing lessons

For this achievement head North-East in the map of Adventure Time to find 3 ogres and 4 pillars stationed near each other guarding a cave entrance. Head inside the cave and go through the next caves in the following order.

  • From the first two cave options choose the cave on your right to enter the next room.
  • In the next room you will find three cave entrances, choose the right most cave to enter.
  • In the next room use the same doorway as the entrance whence you came out of to get into a secret room.
  • Talking to the non-player character in that room will award you with the achievement.